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Critiquing Unveiling Christianity Pt. 1 January 31, 2010

Posted by theconfessors in Apologetics, Bible, Biblical Studies, Christianity, God, Islam, Muhammad, Religion, Textual Criticism.
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Over the past several months, although there was a long break in between due to personal engagements on both ends, a member of The Confessors (under the pseudo name Polycarp) and Ibn Anwar of Unveiling Christianity, engaged in a series of web-debates over several articles found on the Unveiling Christianity website. The articles were entitled “Matthew 28:19,” “Did Paul really meet Jesus,” and “Unveiling Polycarp.” The discussions that occured under “Did Paul really meet Jesus” and “Unveiling Polycarp” were a continuing dialogue on the subject of Paul meeting Jesus. Before we proceed further with the critique, we do want to express an appreciation towards Ibn Anwar and his work; as he is probably the first amateur Muslim da’i that we’ve ran across that puts forth some meaningful material. On the flip side of this, there is a heavy appeal to authority in Ibn Anwar’s work; where names are thrown out as arguments, rather than an examination of the arguments; where cherry picking is the method of choice for quotations; and where minority positions are exploited when it’s the Christian, but when it’s the Muslim, well…, it’s because the Muslim has the correct position there. Unfortunately, appeals to authority, cherry picking, and assumption based arguments, don’t win the day. Over the next few posts we’ll examine these articles and the debates they created, sort of give our critique of everything, and hopefully bring clarity to the various statements and arguments.



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