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Round Two of the Use of Jeremiah 10:2-4 December 31, 2009

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Apparently the blogger took notice at our response to the usage and more specifically his usage of Jeremiah 10:2-4 in anti-Christmas tree and anti-Christmas celebration blogs and emails. However, he completely misses the point of the entry, which was more against the proof-texting and manipulating of the Scripture verse to make it appear as if it was specifically addressing Christmas festivities. In this response he tries to make it appear as if he was originally looking at the spiritual message behind the verse; however all one has to do is look at the post to see that if this was his original intention, it wasn’t very clear.

In this new entry he expands the purpose of the original blog, showing that we have to look at the deeper meaning of the verse, worship isn’t just a specific act but could go much deeper in the Islamic view; which any Christian could agree with. He left a comment in his response to another reader, saying: “You see, when the Christian puts up a tree in defiance of God he is worshipping something other than God. It might be the tree, giving it an undo right to be in the house, decorating it beautifully, gathering around it, staring at it for extended periods of time.”  A few things must be stated here (i) While trees in the past have been worshiped, even evergreen trees, Christians started the Christmas tree tradition as a symbol for Christ as a light to the world (hence the lights on the tree).  If we avoided everything that Pagan’s or others have used in their worship rites or worship in the methods talked about above, no one could do anything without invoking Pagan connotations, not even the worship of God in buildings. (ii) Where does God say never put up a tree that isn’t going to be used in religious ceremonies, since we’ve established that Christians don’t use trees in any sort of religious worship or for Pagan tradition? (iii) The statements above would label nearly everything as idol worship, even writing a blog (depending on what is defined as “looking at something for an extended period of time). This definition provided would lable things as decorating ones house as idol house worship, house plants could possibly idol worship, and depending on what could be defined as “decoration,” one dressing up could be doing idol worship. Now, to a Christian, these could indeed become idols if they become something that is placed infront of God, or hinders your relationship with God. Is one spending more time watching tv then with God or is someone more fascinated with the Christmas tree then the birth of Christ? In summery, if the author of the entry would have expanded his commentary on Jeremiah 10:2-4 to explain what he did in the rebuttal to my response, we probably would not of even wrote an entry dealing with the original fallacious usage of the verese.



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